Great Negotiating Scripts
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  120 pages of Techniques & Strategies

Many of our clients say:

"Sun Coast Media is our Secret Weapon
Against our Competitors."

With 27 years of Direct Response Media Buying Agency experience, we are proud to be a small & extremely effective Direct Response Media Agency, offering a variety of  services to maximize your ROI.

By eliminating a bureaucracy that favors the biggest clients... we are able to roll up our sleeves and call the shots (always in your favor) to give your campaign the quality of attention to detail, that you deserve - every single day.

We are a very capable Media Agency...  dead serious about managing every aspect of your campaign, including your product offer, your ad and your inbound telemarketing to reach your 'Ideal' target consumer efficiently and effectively!

We take your calls, and answer your questions honestly. We corroborate with you, and respect your hunches... since after all.... it is your product & your campaign!

We take pride in becoming a part of your team, thoroughly learning your product goals, to meet your needs.

We actually pick up the telephone and call every single TV Station, Radio Station and Newspaper - to pitch them on You, Your Campaign and Your Goals.

We utilize aggressive & strategic media buying and planning techniques, to insure your campaign receives the greatest reach at the lowest rates - guaranteeing the highest ROI. Our Negotiating & Market Planning Techniques are unbeatable!

We are tenacious, thorough, and go the extra mile to strategize your maximum success, every single day!

There is a Direct Response Consumer in every market, watching on every TV station, listening on every Radio station, and reading every Newspaper. YouTube has 1 Billion Views a Day, and we have developed some awesome programs to capture your share of the YouTube market.

We have studied the Direct Response Consumer for 27 years, through tons of daily reports. We know where they are and how much you should pay to reach them. We take you directly to your customer - in the most cost efficient way possible.

Not only do we have an Intuitive Sensibility about the Direct Response Purchaser, we have an Excellent grasp of Analyzing your 'Results Reports' that guarantees an increased ROI.

We Create The Ideal Roadmap for Your Campaign's Success!

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Media Planning & Buying Agency
Specializing in Exceptional Daily Planning, Placement & Management that Guarantees Your Best ROI!
Online Video Marketing,  Infomercials, TV Spots, Radio & Remnant Newspaper
When we Believe in your 'Campaign' - We are Tenaciously - Unbeatable!

We sell You, Your Dreams, Your Vision... to Every Media Outlet... to bring them on board, to help you achieve your Advertising Success!

We want you to be successful, as much as you do!"
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"If you want to work with an honest media buyer who sees the big picture then you need to work with Gabriella Donivan.  We have worked with her for over 4 years because she pays attention to detail, keeps us out of bad markets and most importantly has reduced our cost per lead by over 40%." Kris Kirschner, C.E.O.- autopilot® complete real estate systems, Inc.

"Gabriella Donivan is by far the most capable media professional I have ever worked with. She is extremely thorough and works hard to be sure every penny is carefully spent and produces the best possible result. If Cost Per Lead is important to you, then she’s the right person for the job.”
Cameron Dunlap, President: Specialty Communications, Inc.
"After having a total fiasco with one media buying agency I found on the Internet, I was nervous to try Gabriella, but she has come through with flying colors! Doing everything she said she could do... when she said she would do it. I am very pleased with her skills & services! She's a true Pro!"
Dave Elger, President, Hotmixology
"Gabriella Donivan is an absolute SUPER WOMEN when it comes to evaluating, promoting and getting astonishing results for entrepreneurs and businesses. She will work nonstop until projects are finished to perfection. She is into every minute detail producing outstanding media buys with incredible savings. Gabriella is like a shining star guiding businesses on the right course. I would recommend her to any individual or company looking to take their endeavors into the stratosphere!"
Dr. Jerry Blum, Director  USA Reading ClinicTM, LLC
"Gabriella is the most people savvy buyer I ever trained.
She knows the markets, the rates and the best Negotiating Tactics. There is not a  better media buying teacher in the business."
Tim Hawthorne, President
Hawthorne Direct

"How to Test
a New Media Campaign"
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